Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Too Wet, Too Woo!

It's been a, well, rather 'wet' day today, to say the least. So much so that I got a taxi to Mass this morning...although was that more to do with meandering in the house, clutching at 'work' and leaving it to the last possible minute to leave, too late to walk?! My afternoon walk from Aberdare Station to St John's School was even more wet - it always rains more in the valleys, it seems! - and when I arrived at the lower gate of the school I discovered it locked - my short cut taken away from me - and so more battling with rain and a large umbrella which I, alas, after the Governor's meeting, left in school. My memory is not my stong point! I just hope it's fine tomorrow! Otherwise I shall put off the whole 'going out' thing altogether!

Meanwhile, this evening, I have been putting off the whole 'going to bed' thing! I have been using every possible available moment today to get on with a new resource. I'm working, as fast as I can, on a School Assembly Website, which gathers together what amounts to 8 years of delivering assemblies and writing dramas and other miscellaneous items as Youth Chaplain. Unfortunately, I am not the best person at filing things neatly away or even keeping notes at all (most of my homilies and assemblies, originally scribbled on bits of paper, get consigned to the bin) so many of my attempts have been lost in my memory bin, and that takes some sifting! My memory is not my strong point!

Now, then, what was I saying....? Oh yes, bins and filing, which reminds me: behind the closed door of (what I refer to as) my secondary study lies several piles of paperwork, all to be filed. Most of it, I'm sure - if it ever gets to a file - will never see the light of day again! Which makes me wonder how much purpose most of the paperwork we generate ever serves anyway. At the Governor's meeting today a request was made by several people (including myself) to receive items in electronic form. There is no more group or committee of which I have been a part that does not generate more paperwork than School Governors and I would far prefer it 'neatly' filed away on my computer than lying somewhere on my study floor! Mind you, with November 5th not too far way, all the paperwork I have received and created over several months, and which lies around lazily waiting to be filed and attended to, would make a great bonfire. It's a shame it's all so wet! It would make great burning. Too-wet, too-woo. Goodnight.

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