Monday, 5 October 2009

Cat and Mouse

It's been one of those days of sitting in front of the computer, I'm afraid, so what better way to end the day than sitting in front of the computer?! I have worked on various websites and resources, trying to get to grips with things that I've been mulling in my mind for some time now, pushing my mouse around my pad, clicking and reclicking, trying to get things right. It's been a game of cat and mouse: attempting to pounce on something that is worth pouncing on; trying to find that one thing that will make it all worthwhile. I think, at last, I have found it, although it will take some time to bear fruit. Another click of the mouse. Ha ha.

A colleague of mine, one who has embraced technology and the internet and blogging in particular as a means of communicating the gospel was once asked by the bishop how he found time to blog. I think that's a rather narrow minded misunderstanding on the part of the bishop, and I was comforted in a recent email conversation with my colleague to hear him say, 'No matter what anyone else says (especially those in authority) writing websites and blogging IS work. It's a form of open public reflective practice - words, images, presentation format, more than just writing or speaking and it does the brain good. Its' a way of sowing seeds, publicising, starting a debate maybe influencing things once there's a bit of an audience.' Another divine click of the mouse. Ha ha.

Tomorrow will be a very different day: Mass at 10 in the morning, followed by an erratic stuffing of 200 envelopes for a mailing I need to do, and then on the train at 12.15 for a School Governer's meeting in Aberdare. A day away from the computer. Mass, Meetings and Mailings. It's not all about mouse-pushing, you know! Meanwhile the black stray cat I have been feeding for some months now is asleep downstairs, curled up on the chair, where he has been for a few hours. Content. The other cat I adopted in May isn't too happy. She looks at me in disgust, looks at 'Blackie' with even more disgust, and then promptly eats his food. Soon 'Blackie' will be turfed out into the night. The one and only time I allowed him to sleep indoors the house was left with a, well, less than lovely aroma and I was left to scrub and clean. I feel a bit guilty about evicting him. But I'm sure he'll find a mouse or two.

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