Friday, 5 October 2007

Who Knows what is to Come!

Cardiff is full of Kiwis! From the moment I picked up a coffee in the Bay this morning until the time I passed through the city centre this afternoon (to catch up on a few things) I couldn't help but bump into Kiwis! Yes, I have been working! But in between I was able to take a few minutes out! (I'm not one of these priests that say they haven't got a moment to breathe! What would be the point of that!) And as Cardiff prepares to host the Quarter Finals of the World Cup between New Zealand and France, the supporters have been trickling into the city to see...what? Who knows! The Competition has given a few surprises and who knows what is to come! There is one thing for certain: rugby has its high and lows, its high drama and melodrama, it's dramatic turns and its turn at drama. That's sport for you!

The Vatican, too, is getting into the sporty way of things! They are to sponsor a sports club affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, a Third Division Italian Football Team, AC Ancona, in order to promote sportsmanship in the game. Their aim is to cut ticket prices to encourage families, and combat racist remonstrations and abusive behaviour! Mind you, I would love to see a new signing in the guise of Uncle Joe (the Holy Father to the uninitiated!) in Midfield, a scene I can imagine fresh from Father Ted! I wonder how much the transfer fee would cost? That's sport for you!

Tomorrow we have our Diocesan October Devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham. Tomorrow we will remember and celebrate that moment when Mary said 'Yes' to God. It's such a small moment, a specific time, when she is propositioned by God and what does she do? She says 'Yes' to him! She doesn't really know what is to come. She has no idea how things will turn out. And only we, armed with retrospect can realise the highs and lows, the drama and melodrama that is to come. Yet she is able to 'Yes!' And that is the nature of vocation and discipleship. We agree to follow. We say 'Yes.' But, in reality, we have no idea what is to come or how things will turn out. There is one thing for certain: following Jesus has its high and lows, its high drama and melodrama, it's dramatic turns and its turn at drama.

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